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GTM119b57f01 Charity to negroes.pdf
In this reflection from 1749, Rev. George Hunter, the resident Superior of the Maryland Mission, contemplates the Jesuits' catechizing mission toward their slaves.

Fr. Havermans shares with Fr. Fenwick his worry that the slaves from Newtown are aware "that they are sold or about to be sold, and that they are to be carried out of the state."

In this bill of sale from 1803, Dorothy Digges sells Jane and her daughter Henny to the Rev. Charles Sewall, the plantation manager for St. Thomas' Manor.

Sale of Margaret Africans from Carroll Day Book 85C.pdf
Records of the slave ship Margaret out of London, which transported more than 100 captive Africans from Bunce Island to Annapolis in 1718. (Click here for a map of these key locations.)The vessel was owned by Samuel Bonham of London, and captained by…

wash house complaints 2.pdf
This account of the wash house is part of a financial report made by the Procurator of Georgetown College in December 1841. He describes the "table at which the colored people breakfast" as "well supplied with butter." His review considers these…

To Alms 2.pdf
This day book entry records a payment, described as "alms," of $1.50 being paid to an African American woman to buy her freedom.

Observatory .pdf
Recorded in the May 1844 expense account for the college is a payment made for $8.00 to two "Negroes for working at observatory." The payment, made on May 4, does not clarify work done, the gender, or status of the African Americans-- if they were…

Noble Young compensation claim 1862.pdf
In 1862, Dr. Noble Young, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine in the Medical Department of Georgetown College, submitted a petition for compensation from the federal government for the emancipation of seven people whom he had owned,…

In 1803 Nancy purchased her daughter Sophia for $50. This transaction records a payment of 18.150 towards the purchase of her freedom.

In 1798, the Jesuits received 90£ for the sale of John. His sale price was $240.
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