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On July 5, 1827, William Feiner, SJ, acting as President of Georgetown College, wrote a pass for Stephen, an enslaved man, allowing him to go to St. Thomas' Manor.

After providing for his safe passage, Rev, Feiner, SJ, gave Stephen a letter for…

In 1804, Phil, an enslaved man hired by Georgetown College, died after 4 months of labor. On August 1, 1804, the College charged his owner Miss Nancy Fenwick $12 dollars for his coffin and burial plot and $2 for digging his grave.

The account…

Georgetown College hired out Billy to Mr. Holmead from January 14th, 1815 to Christmas, for $45. In that period he would be furnished with two suits and taken care of when sick. Billy was owned by a Mrs. Lancaster.

Bishop Leonard Neale -the future Archbishop of Baltimore- hired out for one year two slaves, Stashy and Jenny. On March 2, 1812, Georgetown College credited the Bishop for their labor in its account books.

On October 18, 1808, Rev. Francis Neale repaid a $50 loan to the College used to purchase an enslaved person named Len.

Proposal for a memorial at Georgetown University commemorating the university's history of slavery. This proposal comes from the students in Georgetown Professor Shana Klein's AMTH 354 African-American Art and Culture course in the fall 2016…

An investigation into the life and character of Br. Joseph Mobberly, S.J., a major individual in Georgetown’s history of slavery and its sale of 272 slaves to Louisiana. The film uses the presence of Mobberly’s name on campus to approach issues…

Georgetown Film Studies students explore the parallels between a Jesuit’s unanswered plea and a University’s reconnection with the descendants of slaves it owned, sold, and spurned. With the call for accountability in Father Van de Velde,…

On September 8th, 1790, the Jesuits at Bohemia plantation payed Dr. Jones 7£ for removing a cyst from Stephen's forehead.

On July 15, 1791, the Jesuits at Bohemia plantation received more than 22£ from D. Hairs and William Nielson in partial payment for Esther.
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