Fr. Zwinge's accounts of the 1838 sale and other transactions, ca. 1909

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Fr. Zwinge's accounts of the 1838 sale and other transactions, ca. 1909


Slaves--United States--Economic conditions; Jesuits--Missions; Slavery-Slave Trade, Jesuits--History--19th century


This balance sheet for 1839 (compiled by Joseph Zwinge, S.J., in 1909) shows proceeds from three prior sales of enslaved people: a sale to Henry Johnson in 1835, a sale from White Marsh to Grafton Tyler in 1838, and a sale from St. Thomas Manor to a Boswell, also in 1838.

At the end, this sheet includes short narrative account of the sale of 1838 and the Jesuits' efforts to keep husbands and wives together, as well as a note about Louisa Mason.

Note that the facing page has been removed from the volume.


Maryland Province Archives, Society of Jesus


Georgetown Slavery Archive


Data from 1838-9, ledger c. 1909.


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[Page 148]
Bal    77.22 582.90
Bal to acct for errors    505.42 Total
Arca mar from associat. In Lyons 1713
Houses- Fr. Steinbacher 159.50 Likeu 25 bonds 20 + 10 214.5
Loans- Returned McElroy (Coll 1900
Let. Rec´d 84.96
Seminary Rent   Rev. D. Smith 425
Farms St. Thos 1000
Ced. Pt 1168.80
Bohemia 1120
Newton 1852.46 5141.26
Land sold to Barton Dewall - White Marsh over Patuxent Marsh 4003
Slaves sold to H. Johnson in 1835 bal. 2491.14
" Sold at White Marsh to Grafton Tyler in 1838 449.83
" Sold to Boswell at St. Thos in 1838 90.25 3031.22
16 340
16, 923. 78

N.B. Fr. Vespre in his accounts speaks of the sale of 1838 at White Marsh & St. Thom. (the notes were collected by Joshua Clark etc) these sales must have been of slaves to the neighbors. r.g. to Tyler, Boswell.

We had a pretty large tract of land on other side of Patuxent River at White Marsh, several tracts were sold to Barton Dewall.

In selling slaves Husbands were not separated from wives et visa versa
When husband belonged to us, & his wife to the neighbor, or vice versa, we tried to sell our party to the neighbor, or buy the neighbors party : only when we had both parties, did we sell them South. Hence you understand that we bought some in order to sell all.
Some were however kept even after the sale on each estate. In some cases the husbands ran away (at least for some time) so he & his wife could not be sold.

All the slaves were shipped at Alexandria.

Aunt Louisa Mason & her husband (he was a free negro) were kept at St. Inigos with their children - as the Masons were priests’ boys. The Proc Prov. according to old promise to her paid for her burial after death in 1908 - after having reached the age of ninety + She was the only one who down there to remember old days and frequently ! corresponded with old slaves sold in La. Bob Mason at St. Inigos her son is still the priests man.

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Maryland Province Archives, Society of Jesus , “Fr. Zwinge's accounts of the 1838 sale and other transactions, ca. 1909,” Georgetown Slavery Archive, accessed September 23, 2021,