The Georgetown Slavery Archive is a repository of materials relating to the Maryland Jesuits, Georgetown University, and slavery. This project was initiated by the Archives Subgroup of the Georgetown University Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation.

Recently Added Items

Future President of Georgetown College, Rev. Francis Neale, Purchases an Unnamed Enslaved Woman, 1808

Neale 1808.pdf

This is a record of the 1808 sale of an unnamed enslaved woman as preserved in Georgetown's financial ledgers. Rev. Francis Neale, who would become…

The College hires Sukey and Becky, 1800-1803


This record from the Georgetown College accounts ledger indicates that the College hired two enslaved woman, Sukey and Becky, from their owner,…

"I would be willing to take $450": Fr. Mulledy to Fr. McElroy on pricing slaves, June 12, 1838


In this letter to another Jesuit priest in June 1838, Fr. Mulledy, SJ discussed his negotiations with potential buyers over the price of the slaves…