The Georgetown Slavery Archive is a repository of materials relating to the Maryland Jesuits, Georgetown University, and slavery. This project was initiated by the Archives Subgroup of the Georgetown University Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation.

Recently Added Items

"Cash for 11 Servants," September 19, 1835

GTM119b44f02i01 cash for 11 servants.pdf

Entry from a St. Inigoes accounts ledger for September 19, 1835 recording the sale of 11 "servants" by the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen for…

"Slavery is According to Reason": The Mobberly Diaries, Part II, August 1823


Br. Joseph Mobberly offers a biblical justification of slavery and denies men are born free in the eyes of God. Continued in GSA144.

"Slavery is Good, is Necessary": The Mobberly Diaries, Part II, August 1823


In this section from his Treatise on Slavery, Br. Joseph Mobberly defends slavery as a lawful, reasonable, and necessary institution. This is a…