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The Georgetown Slavery Archive is a repository of materials relating to the Maryland Jesuits, Georgetown University, and slavery. This website is part of Georgetown University's Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation initiative.

It includes archival material on the 1838 sale of slaves by Rev. Thomas Mulledy, S.J., who was the President of Georgetown at the time; slavery and slave life on the plantations of the Maryland Jesuitsslavery and Georgetown University; and the fate of the people who were sold to Louisiana, the descendants of people owned and sold by the Jesuits of the Maryland Province, and current activities relating to Memory and Reconciliation.

Launched in February 2016, the Georgetown Slavery Archive is a work in progress. We continually update this website as we gather and process material. We are working to create special section of this website devoted to the family histories of descendants. We encourage descendants to get in touch with us to share their knowledge so that we can help tell these stories.

Click here for an inventory of all the items in this digital archive.

The items in this digital archive collected from the Maryland Province Archives of the Society of Jesus, Booth Family Center for Special Collections, Georgetown University Library, are published here with the permission of the Maryland Province Jesuits. 

This project was initiated by the Archives Subgroup of the Georgetown University Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation. The members of the Archives Subgroup included Professor Adam Rothman, Professor Marcia Chatelain, and Matthew Quallen (SFS '16).

For more information, contact Professor Adam Rothman at ar44 [@] georgetown.edu.

Staff (Academic year 2021-2022)

Dr. Adam Rothman, Georgetown University, Curator

Dr. Elsa Barraza Mendoza, Middlebury College, Associate Curator

Debra Mayfield, Georgetown University, Georgetown Slavery Archive Fellow 

Dami Kim, Georgetown University, Researcher

Contributors: Dr. Julia Bernier (Mellon Fellow), Emily Bierman, Dr. Herbert Brewer (Mellon Fellow), Dr. Marcia Chatelain, Fr. David Collins SJ, Ashleigh Corwin, Dr. Andrew Dial (Mellon Fellow) Michael DeFelice, Benjamin Driver, Tom Foley, Jonathan Gibson, Claire Healy, Catherine Kelly, Aidan Kenney, Dami Kim, Benjamin Lillian, Sabrina Ma, Hillary MacKinlay, Maya Moretta, Sylvia Mullins, Ndeye Ndiaye, Dr. Josiah Osgood, Matthew Quallen, Jordan Smith, Molly Thacker, Cory Young  

Many thanks to President John J. DeGioia, the Office of the President, the Booth Family Center for Special Collections, the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, the Jesuit Plantation Project, the National Archives at Fort Worth, the Georgetown Memory Project, the Mellon Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, Louis Diggs, John LaRue, Yong Lee, Sharon Leon, Josiah Osgood and the Georgetown Classics Department, Melanie Ricketts, and Will Thomas.