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Memory & Reconciliation

The items in Memory & Reconciliation relate to contemporary efforts to acknowledge and reflect on Georgetown's history of slavery, highlighting the…

Descendants' Stories

How do I know if I'm related to the GU272.pdf

Family histories, biographies, oral and video history, and archival material about the descendants of people owned by the Jesuits of the Maryland…

Descendants' Stories

The Maryland Province slaves in Louisiana, and their descendants

La Tourette Map of Louisiana 1848.jpg

Slavery at Georgetown College


Slavery in the Maryland Province

sale of Africans Carroll Day Book. 85C.pdf

Sale of Maryland Jesuit slaves to Louisiana in 1838

GTM119b93f11i01 Roothaan to Mulledy 1839-03-04.pdf

These archival materials relate to the sale of 272 men, women, and children by Rev. Thomas Mulledy in 1838.

Sale of Maryland Jesuit slaves to Louisiana in 1838