Disposal of "Supernumerary" Slaves: Proceedings of the Roman Catholic Clergy, April 25th, 1804

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Disposal of "Supernumerary" Slaves: Proceedings of the Roman Catholic Clergy, April 25th, 1804


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In this meeting from 1804, the Corporation agreed to sell the "supernumerary" slaves of Deer Creek to settle the claims of William Pasquet, a secular clergyman who managed the plantation. The board also informs that the managers of White Marsh and St Inigos "disposed of a slave belonging to the respective estate under their care."

The Corporation also resolves to allocate $150 for the payment of servants' wages at Georgetown College.


Maryland Province Archives


Georgetown Slavery Archive- A partial Transcription of this document can be found in T. Hughes, History of the Society of Jesus in North America- Colonial and Federal Vol 1, Part 2 (New York: Longmans, Green, and Co. 1910)




Adam Rothman, Elsa Barraza Mendoza


Maryland Province, Society of Jesus









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At a meeting of the Corporation of Rom. Cath. Clergymen held at the White Marsh, in Prince Georgia County, on the 25th of April, 1804, present the R.R. J Carroll, the R.R. L. Neale, the Revd Henry Pile; and R. G. B. Bitouzey. The Revd Robt Plunket likewise, having been legally chosen a member of the Corporation, but not before taken his seat, exhibited the testimony of his having made the oath of office, was admitted to his place at the Board, then the said members proceeded as follows:


  1. That the manager of St. Inigos estate, is directed to pay to the Revd Durozey the annual striped of thirty pounds, to commence from the first day of the current year. 
  2. The Revd. Mr. F. Neale Manager of St. Inigos estate, is authorized to have a sufficient stable and granary, built in such a manner, as he will think the most beneficial to the place.
  3. The Revd. Mr. Francis Neale agent of Corporation reported, that inventories, as prescribed by the Corporation, have been returned by the Managers of all the estates of the Clergy except St Thomas’ and Newtown, therefore resolved that the R.R. M.M. Sewall and Molineux, be again requested to pay attention to a regulation so essential to the safety and preservation of the public property.
  4. The R.R. Bishop Neale having reported the legal opinion, which he was directed to obtain, for the further security of the property of the Corporation, resolved, that the mode therein prescribed, be adopted, and that the agent causes to be printed a sufficient number of the obligations to be signed by the present and future managers of the said property, which obligations so signed and witnessed are to be in the custody of the agent.
  5. The agent of the corporation, is directed to settle as soon as possible, the claims of Mr. Pasquet, and others, against the estate of Dear Creek, and to enable him, to effect this, resolved, that the supernumerary slaves thereon be disposed of, to humane and Christian masters, under the direction of the said agent.
  6. The agent is hereby directed to pay 150 dollars, towards the necessary repair of the house and stable of the clergy at Baltimore.
  7. In compliance with the recommendation of the directors of the college of Georgetown at their last meeting, an allowance of 150 dollars, for two years, from the first of the present year, be made in aid of the college, for payment of the wages of servants, unless it be found, that the managers of the several estates can spare as  many as are necessary.   
  8. Also in compliance with the petition of the said Directors, two hundred dollars are granted annually, towards the keeping of the horses of the R.R. Coadjutor, and of the agent of the Corporation. 
  9. Revd Mr Brosius, having represented that Conewago estate, is indebted to him, in the sum of £ 106.10, of which he is in the utmost need, earnestly solicits, the aid of the corporation, therefore resolved, that, if the Revd. Mr Cerfoumont will advance the aforesaid sum, the Corporation in behalf of the manager of Conewago, will be security for the repayment of the capital, and the said Mr. Cafoumount, will have his security for the repayment of the capital in the estate itself of Conewago. 
  10. The Revd. Mr. Fr. Neale is hereby appointed to settle, on the best terms he can, the respective claims of the Corporation, and of Mr. J. Ashton, studiously avoiding to establish any precedent, which may tend to exempt managers of estates from accountability or injure the interest of the incorporated Clergy.
  11. The Revd. G.B. Bitouzey is hereby directed and authorized, to settle, by reference, or otherwise, the differences, that may exist between the corporation and Mr. J. Peach, on account of the lines and boundaries of their respective estates.
  12. The Revd. Mr. Bitouzey, for the White Marsh, and the Revd Mr. Neale for St. Inigos, having each disposed of a slave belonging to the respective estate under their care, informed the board of their having proceeded in the manner prescribed by the 9th resolve of the corporation, May 24 1803, and having given evidence of their having appropriated the proceeds of the sales, to the benefit of the estates; the corporation expresses their satisfaction with their conduct.
  13. The agent exhibited his accounts, since the commencement of his agency, the RR. M.M. Plunket and Bitouzey, were appointed a committee to examine them, and make report to the corporation, at their next meeting.
  14. It is earnestly recommended to the agent, to require a compliance with the 8th and 9th resolve of February 25, 1794, not only so far as it concerns inventories, but likewise the rendering of the accounts of each plantation.


Signed…          Bishp of Baltimore

                        Leond Neale Bishp. of Grtna

                        Henry Pile

                        Robt Plunket

                        G.B. Bitouzey



Face copy G.B. Bitouzey

Secretary of the Board


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