"The sale of two unnecessary negroes": Bishop Carroll to Fr. Neale proposing the sale of people, November 12, 1805

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"The sale of two unnecessary negroes": Bishop Carroll to Fr. Neale proposing the sale of people, November 12, 1805


Slaves--United States--Economic conditions, Jesuits--History--19th century; Catholic Church-Clergy-Correspondence


In a letter from Bishop Carroll to Fr. Francis Neale dated November 12, 1805, Carroll proposes the sale of up to four people to raise funds needed for the management of the missions.


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Baltre Nov 12 1805

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Rev. Sir

Your favour of the 9th gives one reason to fear that Mr. Ashton has not stated matters, as they passed I did call on him to know if he had received lately any advices from you, who then was at S. Inigos. Mr. Bitouseys anxiety and my own situation required this application to him. Mr. Ashton had no late advices from you, but said he was to write immediately to you to inform you of the sales of your tobo. Having mentioned the amount of money due for it, I feared, that it would be insufficient, and asked him, if the prices of the tobo was yet received: his answer was, that it would, or could be at any time. No mention was made of your payments requiring ready money or if his furnishing of an allowance of 60 days interest. I then understood, tho still believe, that all the money for your tobo was received at the time; and I am the more confirmed in it, because after a reference (added the dates in) to their books, they said that the money was subject to your order.

Mr. Bitousey came some time after this with an order from you, how much money he received, I know not, but he left in my hands $400 for the lawyers, and $300 subject to your order – I have paid their shares to M. M. Harper & Pinkney, and will lend the remainder to Shaaf by the first opportunity- This change must not rest on the general fund; but each of our estates should make a special contribution, as was recommended by the Corporation. The sale of an two unnecessary negroes ^three or four, and stock, would replace the money. By the Bishops return (we expect him in a day or two from Bohemia) I shall lend you the memorial and petition for the assembly. It seems that the Trustees are to meet at S. Thomas. Whether the convocation was properly made, is a matter of doubt, however I hope that others will 

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make no more exception, than myself. Remind the members of the board to qualify according to law; and in the same manner as at the preceding board. You must carry the Corporation seal to annex it to the memorial. When it has received the necessary signatures, that is ^of the members of the Corporation, and the supposed legal holders of part of the property, Mr. Bitousey will take charge of it, so deliver it to Mr. Shaaf – All this is to be executed with dispatch – 

            Let me once more earnestly recommend to you to pay up the pensions of the Seminarians. This next year, you will have only to pay for the two Mssrs Fenwick- (I am ashamed of meeting Mr. Pipier- ) During your absence, I sent to your Br. an urgent letter of Mr. Monally of Talbot County, and prayed him to have a power of attorney executed and tested by the seal of the corporation for the purpose expressed in that letter, by which perhaps one thousand or $1200 might be recovered for the public cause.- But the business remains undone, he alleging that he could not procure the seal. I beg you to attend to this affair. Your Commissions to Mr. Beeston have been performed, and he will send you satisfactory answers by the Bishop. I am with esteem and sincere regard, Rev. Sir,

                                                              Your most obedt St

J Biss.p Baltre

Nov 13-  The above was written last night,
But luckily neglected to be sent by this mornings mail, as I have since received yours of yesterday- The What is written already, is an answer to the greatest part of yours- The memorial is ready, and I would now send it, but for the hope of your Brs coming and carrying it on Saturday to save postage- If we do not see him tomorrow, I will not withhold it longer than Friday or Saturday-

[Page 3-Envelope]

Rev. Mr. Fs. Neale

College at George Town

Col a .

(added with a different handwriting on the left side of the envelope)

Henry Butler's case

Who did belong to Mr. Hire

St. Marys County

Mr. Key for Mr. Sewalls 

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