"Thank God I have succeeded": Fr. Mulledy completes the sale of 272 slaves to Louisiana, November 11, 1838

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"Thank God I have succeeded": Fr. Mulledy completes the sale of 272 slaves to Louisiana, November 11, 1838


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Rev. Thomas Mulledy expresses relief at having concluded the sale of the Jesuits' slaves. He reports that all the enslaved people had been put on board a ship except for those who were "married off" to husbands and wives who were not owned by the Jesuits. Mulledy reports that Governor Johnson had left those people behind until he could arrange to purchase their spouses.


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Georgetown College Nov. 11th 1838

Revd & Dear Father in Xt.
            Your two last letters of Nov. 3d & Nov. 7th one from Philad & the other from Frederick were handed to me yesterday--Thank God I have succeeded in getting on board ship all the negroes except those who are married off the farm--Gov. Johnson wished, very prudently, to leave those to see if he could purchase their wives or husbands, as the case may be--we start this week together to visit all the masters--I have been on horseback daily for the last twenty days with the exception of three days--all saints and two Sundays--one day I rode 50 miles--God be praised.  I feel healthy & active--I am quite pleased with your letter from Philad--I agree with you in your determination to remain until the church is finished--I wrote to you my last letter fearing that Fred. would suffer from your absence--Mr. Havermans has had a dreadful attack of the bilious & is yet very weak--I wish to see you before I send some one permanently to Philadelphia
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I have had a siege for the last three weeks--the like I never want to experience again--Do try & see the Bishop & have that affair finally settle--Make what use, you choose, of that letter which he wrote to Mr. Matthews & which I have--His next tour will I hope be the last which I shall have to take respecting the negroes--I shall then try & see you--should you come on to Fred. or Baltimore before the last of this month let me know it & I shall endeavor to meet you--All here, thank God, are well--F. Grivel is here spiritual Father of the College--my love to F. Barbelin--Tell him to take care of his health--
Yours in Xst
Thomas F. Mulledy
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Fr. Mulledy Nov 13th

Nov 11th

Revd. J. McElroy
St. Joseph’s Church
Willing’s Alley



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