Mrs. Emily Woolfolk contract with employees at West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, La., April 12, 1864

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Mrs. Emily Woolfolk contract with employees at West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, La., April 12, 1864


Emancipation; Freedmen--Wages; Louisiana


Mrs. Emily Woolfolk, the owner of West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, Louisiana, contracts with her ex-slave "employees" for 1864. Many of the people listed in this contract had been sold to Jesse Batey (the former owner of West Oak) by the Maryland Jesuits in 1838, or were the children of slaves sold in 1838.


National Archives, Washington, D.C.


Georgetown Slavery Archive




Adam Rothman


GSA76Agreement with Freedmen, West Oak plantation, April 3, 1865
GSA77: Payroll of Laborers Employed, West Oak plantation, October 17, 1867






Labor contract



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Mrs. Emily Woolfolk

Parish of Iberville


April 12, 1864



State of Louisiana

Parish of Iberville                     April 12, 1864


We the undersigned employees, hereby bind ourselves for the year ending 1st January 1865 to Mrs. Emily Woolfolk, Proprietress of West Oaks Plantation, for the purpose of laboring in the cultivation of said plantation, working exclusively under Gen Banks' order No. 23 for the purpose of working the different plantations of the State of Louisiana.


I Mrs. Emily Woolfolk for my part promise to the herein named employees, on the expiration of the year one fourteenth part of the net proceeds of the crop, and bestow on them the treatment prescribed in the above General orders.


1[st] Class                                     Jim Pendleton                                           3rd Class

Basil Butler                                 2nd Class                                       Jim Broadman

Louis Merric                               Luke Waters                                  Joe Waters

Tom Butler                                  Jordan [Matthews?]                   George Harris

Washington Wilson                   Jim Scott                                       Miley Waters

Polk Hill                                        Jack Hawkins                              Cumby Scott

Francis Hawkins                       Bill Alexander                            Tom [Merric?]

Neally Hawkins                                                                                   Ben Scott

Bill Hill                                                                                              Charles Wilson

Alex Scott                                                                                          William Harris



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[?] Prvost Marshal


April 29, [18]64
George Wilson                           Peter Waters

Richard Wilson

Nace Scott

Joe Hill

Patrick Hawkins

Ambrose Scott

Collin Freelock


2nd Class                                       3rd [class]

Caroline Scott                                        Clara Scott

Mary Butler                                 Fannie Scott

Eliza West                                    Letty Hawkins

Annie Scott                                  Rose Scott

Susan Hawkins                          Adeline Waters

Lidiann Scott                               Ellen Hawkins                           

Delphia Gray                               Bridget

Eliza Butler                                 Henny Butler

Martha Hawkins                       Louisa Scott

Agnes Butler                               Clara Scott

Lucy Ann Scott                           Matilda Hawkins

Betsy Harris                                Betsy Hill        

Louisa Harris                             Margaret Waters

Biby Hawkins                             Emiline Butler

Ellen Harris                                 Sarah Butler

Sarah Ann Hill                            Mary Scott

Jane Wilson                                 Charlotte Pendleton 

Christina Butler                         Amanda Hawkins


This done & passed at the day and place aforesaid in the presence of Isaac Erwin &

J N Maynard competent witnesses who

have signed in duplicate.




Isaac Erwin                   Emily Woolfolk

Jn Maynard

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Labor contract



National Archives, Washington, D.C., “Mrs. Emily Woolfolk contract with employees at West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, La., April 12, 1864,” Georgetown Slavery Archive, accessed July 14, 2024,