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Batey inventory 1851-compressed.pdf
Jesse Batey's West Oak plantation was appraised in March 1851 following his death. Along with the land, livestock, and other moveable property, the appraisal listed eighty-five people owned by Batey, recording their names and in many cases indicating…

In this letter from 1851, Jesse Batey requests that Fr. Thomas Mulledy or one of his representatives release him from the mortgage on 64 persons and a tract of land in Maringouin. Batey agreed to this mortgage in September 1839 to finance the payment…

MPA Addenda b77 Letter Book 1 p194.pdf
After the sale of 1838, Dr. Jesse Batey requested an indemnification for three enslaved persons: an enslaved woman, and two infirm enslaved men. This letter from Fr. Vespre to Fr. McElroy recounts Dr. Batey's claim and the position of the Jesuits on…

MPA Addenda b77 Letter Book 1 1840-02-18 Batey.pdf
In this letter from 1840, Fr. John McElroy, acting as Procurator of the Maryland Jesuits, and Dr. Jesse Batey haggle over the price of three enslaved persons sold in 1838 to Louisiana. After the sale, Batey demanded a sum to be deducted for some of…

La Tourette Map of Louisiana 1848.jpg
This 1848 map of Louisiana includes the location of plantations and names of their owners. Landholdings by Gov. Henry Johnson and J. Batey making up West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish are shown on the map. (See detail below.)

Washington Globe 1838-05-29 Batey advertisement cropped.jpg
Three weeks before purchasing enslaved people from the Maryland Jesuits, Jesse Batey posted this advertisement in the Washington Globe newspaper offering his plantation on Bayou Maringouin in Louisiana for sale in exchange for "negroes", or offering…

Bill of sale transferring 64 people, identified in the document, from Rev. Thomas Mulledy, S.J., to Jesse Batey of Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, for $27,057 on November 10, 1838.

In June 1838, Fr. Thomas Mulledy agreed to sell 272 men, women, and children to Henry Johnson and Jesse Beatty of Louisiana. The articles of agreement identify the people by name and set out the terms of the sale.
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