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La Tourette Map of Louisiana 1848.jpg
This 1848 map of Louisiana includes the location of plantations and names of their owners. Landholdings by Gov. Henry Johnson and J. Batey making up West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish are shown on the map. (See detail below.)

In this account from 1792, Dr. Charles Worthington -Georgetown College's on call physician- was credited for the medical visits and treatment he gave to three enslaved persons at the College: Sukey, Byrne, and "the boy Ja's"- probably James.

On this account record from 1824, Mrs. Margaret Fenwick was charged for 4 pairs of shoes for her slave Harriette. She was also credited for Harriette's monthly wages at the College. Georgetown hired Harriette from Mrs. Fenwick from 1824 to 1826. Upon…

At a meeting held at Georgetown College on September 14, 1813, the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen instructed its agent to provide the Rev. Malavé with an enslaved man.

Fr. Malavé was a Belgian Jesuit who came to live at Georgetown…

At a meeting held at Georgetown College in 1813, the members of the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergy decided to sell two "black servants" to the Rev. Bitouzey, a member of the secular clergy, who was in charge of White Marsh until his resignation…

In a meeting held at the White Marsh plantation, the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergy attempted to regulate the sale of slaves on their plantations by empowering plantation managers to exchange slaves in the case of intermarriage and to sell or…

In 1804, the Rev. John Ashton asked the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergy to pay his legal fees from suits "carried on by him whilst he was manager of the estate of the White Marsh." The Corporation decided to pay for these fees, with the…

The back cover of an almanac owned by Fr. Arnold Livers lists twenty enslaved people who were probably part of the community at St. Inigoes. Three married couples are listed.

Fr. Livers was in charge of St. Inigoes from 1760 to 1767.

Fr. John Grassi, President of Georgetown College, writes to Br. Marshall to inform him of the arrival of eleven enslaved persons to St. Inigoes. This remarkable letter also mentions the case of two men, Charles and Clem, whose marriages were being…

"Meet the GU272: a digital exploration of georgetown's history of slavery" is a website designed by Sabrina Ma (GU '18) and Jonathan Gibson (GU'19). Meet the GU272 provides a set of preliminary digital visualizations of information about the enslaved…
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