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1833 servant hire.pdf
This statement of the expenses of the college for 1833 reports $838 being spent for "servants hire" for the year. Many of those hired would have been enslaved people who hired themselves, or were hired by slaveholders, to the college. A note about…

This college cash book records a payment of $5.00 given to Mat, an enslaved person, for his wedding on August 8, 1834.

Cloth for Servant.pdf
The 1836 account of Robert L. And William B. Scott records their student fees and expenses. On September 15 they were charged for various items of clothing, including "1 coat of grey (cloth for servant). This may suggest that the Scotts brought an…

This accounting ledger entry shows a series of construction costs, including a payment for enslaved carpenters. Their owner Mr.Herard received $50.25 from Georgetown University for the work of his enslaved men. These costs are for the expansion of…

In 1799, Georgetown College charged James Kannady for 20 days of boarding and 13 days of hire of Zellam, an enslaved person at the College. The hire of Zellam cost 5 pence per day. Zellam was originally hired out to the College by the Fevrier Family…

JacobLG, IAAiF1850.pdf
This account from 1849 records the terms of hire of Jacob, an enslaved cook owned by Mr. William Robinson. Jacob remained at Georgetown College from September 1849 to May 1850.

Lieberman Claim.pdf
In 1862, Dr. Charles H. Liebermann, Professor of Institutes and Practice of Surgery in the Medical Department at Georgetown College, submitted a claim of compensation for the emancipation of Daniel Jones, an enslaved man he had owned since 1849 and…

This account from the Bohemia plantation registers the sale of William for 75£. As payment, the plantation received a bond worth 62£.

Georgetown's accounts from 1807 register a payment of $26.00 to Charles Boarman for the hire of an enslaved woman. Boarman was a former Jesuit and a lay professor at the College.

In 1796, the priests at Bohemia plantation sold Henny, an enslaved woman who was sick and had run away. They noted that her price was 15£.
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