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This note in Gabe's account records that in March 1828 he received permission to purchase his freedom. Gabe was required to pay $8 per month for his hire, as well as lay aside an undefined sum above that, until he had paid the required $400 for his…

GTM119b44f04i03 Newtown Day Book - slaves at Newtown 1782-1796.pdf
This page from the Newtown daybook records the birth of 28 slaves at Newtown from 1782 to 1796. Eight children died during the first years of their life. The daybook also mentions the sale of two slaves to Edmund Plowden in 1784.

In this meeting from 1804, the Corporation agreed to sell the "supernumerary" slaves of Deer Creek to settle the claims of William Pasquet, a secular clergyman who managed the plantation. The board also informs that the managers of White Marsh and…

GTM119b44f04i02 Newtown Day Book - slave births at Newtown 1752-1770 2.pdf
This page from the Newtown daybook records the birth of 32 slaves at Newtown from 1752 to 1770. The 11 names marked with an X identify people who were presumably sold to "Widow [?]."

GTM119b44f04i01 Newtown Day Book - slaves at Newtown in 1700s.pdf
This page from the Newtown plantation daybook lists 26 slaves c. 1791. In the early twentieth century, Rev. Joseph Zwinge, SJ annotated the list to identify the marriages of 4 female slaves.

In this meeting from 1795, the Corporation found it necessary to inform to the President of Baltimore Seminary that the profits they would receive from the Bohemia Plantation did not include "money arriving from the sale of negroes."


GTM119b31f02a St Josephs inventory 1.pdf
This inventory from 1803 identifies 11 slaves in St. Joseph's farm. These include Lilly, who was carried over to Baltimore, and Thom, who ran away on April 8th, 1803.

In this meeting from 1799, the Corporation approved two measures concerning their slaves in the Bohemia plantation: the loan of Jack and Peg to the Seminary at Baltimore and the sale of Kate and her two children.

Fr. Woodley SJ discusses a plan to deliver an enslaved woman named Nelly from Newtown to a new master. It appears from the postscript that another priest tried to prevent Nelly from being sold by writing a pass or permit to allow her to escape. …
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