Jesse Batey requests release from his mortgage on 64 persons, 1851

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Jesse Batey requests release from his mortgage on 64 persons, 1851


Slavery; Slave–Sale; Slave Trade; Jesuits–History--19th century; Slaves–Mortgage


In this letter from 1851, Jesse Batey requests that Fr. Thomas Mulledy or one of his representatives release him from the mortgage on 64 persons and a tract of land in Maringouin. Batey agreed to this mortgage in September 1839 to finance the payment of the persons he purchased from the Jesuits in 1838.


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Joe Paquette, Paul Rochford, Jake Sanford, Karen Woods Weierman, Elsa Barraza Mendoza

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Doctor Jesse Batey wishes to obtain from the Rev’d Tho F Mulledy or his representatives, an act of release and acquittance of the mortgage which he the said J Batey consented on the 18th day of September 1839, in favor of said Tho F Mulledy on sixty-four slaves, and on a tract of land situated in the Parish of Iberville and described in said act of mortgage as follows: __ 

1° Nace Butler 50 years - Biby 45 years - and her infant - Caroline 16 - Basil 14 Martha Ann 12, Anne 10 - Gabe 9 Biby 8, Henny 7. Tom 5, Mary three - John Louis 18 months – Gustin 9 - Phil Merrick 55 - Nelly 53 - Lewis 12 - Nelly Barnes 55 - Kitty Walton 53 - Eliza Butler 19 - and her infant - Mary Ellen 17, Bennet 45 - Clare 42 - James 21 - Christiana 18 - Ellen or Eleanor 15 -  Alexius 13 - Lucy Ann 11 - Desia 8 - Pig[Peg] 6 - Gerard 24 - Rose Ann 24 - Bill Hill 29 - Peter 57 - Betsy Hill 55 - Lenn Queen 50 - Anny 57 - Charles 1, Nance 8 - Eliza 10 -  Mary Ann Digges 18 - Sam Harris 25 - Betsy 25, Sam (her son) 1,  - Ellen 4 - Martha 2 - Patrick Hawkins 35 -  Letty 30 - Martha her infant 1 - Cornelius 13 - Francis 12 - Susan 10 - Gabriel 8 - Peter 6 - Jackson 3 - Elizabeth 1 - Bernard Butler 38 - Augustine West 35 - Adel 9 - George Harris 65 - Kitty 50 - Sarah 10 - and Oswal 5.  ––

2°–A certain tract or parcel of land situated and fronting on each side of Bayou Maringouin in the Parish of Iberville in the State of Louisiana, containing thirteen hundred and ninety superficial acres more or less, adjoining the lands of Henry Johnson, above. The said mortgage having been specially made to secure the payment of the sum of twenty seven thousand and fifty seven Dollars, with interests, being the amount of the purchase money of the above named Slaves –for the payment of which the said Jesse Batey furnished his five promissory notes payable in the manner and at the time, Specified in the said act of sale and mortgage. __

            The act of release of mortgage and acquittance for the

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said sum of twenty seven thousand and fifty seven dollars and interest, or the payment of the said five promissory notes, should be made and acknowledged before a notary or commissioner for the State of Louisiana, or some other legal authorities in the District of Columbia, authorising the Recorder of the Parish of Iberville to cancel and erase the said mortgage from the Record Books in his office where the same may be inscribed and Recorded; in conformity with Article 3346 of the Civil code of Louisiana.

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