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Washington Globe 1838-05-29 Batey advertisement cropped.jpg
Three weeks before purchasing enslaved people from the Maryland Jesuits, Jesse Batey posted this advertisement in the Washington Globe newspaper offering his plantation on Bayou Maringouin in Louisiana for sale in exchange for "negroes", or offering…

AMST 272 Clifford Maringouin.mp3
Maringouin, Louisiana is a small town of just 1,100 people, 900 of whom can trace their ancestry back to the Maryland Jesuits' 1838 sale of 272 people. Many of those who were sold to Jesse Batey at the West Oak plantation have descendants who remain…

Immaculate Heart of Mary Stained Glass Window.pdf
Stained glass window from Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Maringouin, Louisiana, featuring historical images of the church from 1877, 1964, and 1972. Immaculate Heart of Mary has been the center of Catholic religious life for many members…

Article in the Baton Rouge Advocate on descendants' research into their family histories. The article focuses on Jessica Tilson.
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