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This ledger entry from Bohemia, a Jesuit farm in Cecil County, Maryland, records the purchase of an enslaved man named Tom for £54.17 in April 1756. His previous owner was Mr. William Hall.

This account from the Bohemia plantation registers the sale of William for 75£. As payment, the plantation received a bond worth 62£.

In 1796, the priests at Bohemia plantation sold Henny, an enslaved woman who was sick and had run away. They noted that her price was 15£.

ARSI Maryl-1007-I-9 Havermans letter first page.pdf
In this letter to the Superior General, Fr. Havermans laments the "grim and displeasing" sale of the Jesuits' slaves. In a postscript dated November 12, he reports the anguish expressed by enslaved people at Newtown as they were being gathered for…

GTM119b66f03i06 Grivel to Lancaster 1838-11-06.pdf
In November 1838, as the remaining members of the Maryland Jesuit slave community were being shipped to Louisiana, Fr. Grivel wrote a letter to Fr. Lancaster with a glimpse of the proceedings at White Marsh.

Among other things, Fr. Grivel…

Washington Globe 1838-05-29 Batey advertisement cropped.jpg
Three weeks before purchasing enslaved people from the Maryland Jesuits, Jesse Batey posted this advertisement in the Washington Globe newspaper offering his plantation on Bayou Maringouin in Louisiana for sale in exchange for "negroes", or offering…

Georgetown Film Studies students explore the parallels between a Jesuit’s unanswered plea and a University’s reconnection with the descendants of slaves it owned, sold, and spurned. With the call for accountability in Father Van de Velde, S.J.’s 1848…

AMST 272 Kenney Since Last We Met.mp3
Georgetown is buzzing with the excitement of reunion and reconciliation. The successors of slave-owning Jesuits and the ancestors of those they owned are coming back together in 2017 in the spirit of penance and forgiveness. In this podcast,…

JP Gannon for Aloysius .pdf
The college received $625 on March 7, 1844 from a J.P. Gannon for an enslaved person named Aloysius.

GTM119b44f02i01 cash for 11 servants.pdf
Entry from a St. Inigoes accounts ledger for September 19, 1835 recording the sale of 11 "servants" by the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen for $4000. The next entry in the ledger is for the sale of two barrels of corn.
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