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AMST 272 Kenney Since Last We Met.mp3
Georgetown is buzzing with the excitement of reunion and reconciliation. The successors of slave-owning Jesuits and the ancestors of those they owned are coming back together in 2017 in the spirit of penance and forgiveness. In this podcast,…

Henry Johnson reports to Rev. McSherry SJ that the enslaved people transported to Louisiana were "healthy and well pleased with their situation." Compare with GSA88:"A cruel overseer": Letter from Fr. Grivel to Fr. Lancaster, May 30, 1840

In this letter from August, 1832, Fr. Kenney notifies Fr. McElroy of the visit of Mr. Horzey, a Louisiana planter and potential buyer of the slaves from the Missions. He also remarks that Fr. Neale, in charge of St. Thomas Manor, is "tired of blacks…

In this letter from 1832 Fr. Kenney asks Fr. Neale to provide him with "the number and description of the Blacks, whom you would sell to Mr. John Lee and to Mr. Horsey." Kenney mentions Louisiana as their destination, stating that the planters…
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