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Death of Peter-Grassi Diary.pdf
On March 24, 1813 Giovanni Grassi, SJ, President of Georgetown College, noted in his diary the death of Peter, an enslaved man at the College. Peter appears in the College census of servants from 1812 to 1813.

In 1804, Phil, an enslaved man hired by Georgetown College, died after 4 months of labor. On August 1, 1804, the College charged his owner Miss Nancy Fenwick $12 dollars for his coffin and burial plot and $2 for digging his grave.

The account…

In 1798, a woman from Saint-Domingue named Justane Douat maintained an account with Georgetown College. She worked for the College as a nurse while simultaneously hiring out at least two unnamed slaves. Douat's unnamed slave woman took ill and passed…

In this letter from 1812, Fr. Mobberly writes to Fr. Grassi about the mortality rate at St. Inigos and the common illnesses among its inhabitants. It mentions the deaths of five enslaved people: Old Billy, Old Sucky, Old Mathew, Little Sucky, and…
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