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Presents, Dick, Charly, Hilary, Archy.pdf
Entries in the college cash book for April 1827 include payments of .25 cents described as "presents" given to enslaved people working at the college, including Charly, Dick, Hilary, and Archy.

colored servants christmas.pdf
This December 29, 1846 entry in the college's cash book records payment of $2 being paid out to 4 "colored servants" as a Christmas gift. Similar payments for various holidays like Christmas and Easter are scattered throughout the financial records.…

Clem doctors fees.pdf
On January 1, 1827 a payment of $2.50 was recorded in the college's cash book to "Negro Clem to pay doctors fees." Clem was hired out by the college for a number of years. See GSA168.Other items of note on this page include payments to "Old" Dick and…

Jo servt of Mary Fenwick.pdf
Jo, likely Joseph Edlen, was hired by Georgetown College from Mary Fenwick from December 1845 to November 1846. He was hired to work on the farm at the rate of $8 per month. An entry from the college Day and Cash Book from January 16, 1846 records a…

Whiskey for Servants.pdf
The following entry in the Day Book of Georgetown College records a payment of $10.85 for "whiskey for servants" made in June 1846. Another similar payment was made in this book in August of the same year.

1833 servant hire.pdf
This statement of the expenses of the college for 1833 reports $838 being spent for "servants hire" for the year. Many of those hired would have been enslaved people who hired themselves, or were hired by slaveholders, to the college. A note about…

This college cash book records a payment of $5.00 given to Mat, an enslaved person, for his wedding on August 8, 1834.

father neale servant.pdf
This cash book entry from Georgetown College records a payment of $5 for "Fr Neales servants." Fr. Francis Neale was the manager of St. Thomas' Manor, one of the Jesuit missions.

various accs studens workmen Mr Pendal.pdf
This account records the terms of hire and expenses for a man enslaved by Mr. Pendal. Pendal's son was a student and boarder at the college.

wash house complaints 2.pdf
This account of the wash house is part of a financial report made by the Procurator of Georgetown College in December 1821. He describes the "table at which the colored people breakfast" as "well supplied with butter." His review considers these…
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