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MPAAddenda, letterbook 1 410.pdf
This series of letters from 1843 illustrates the Maryland Jesuits' attempts to sell Isaac, an enslaved man who appeared to be "fugitive since the fall of 1838." The Jesuits received news of Isaac's whereabouts after he was arrested in Baltimore. The…

Fr. McElroy, the parish priest of Holy Trinity Church at Georgetown, recorded the death and burial of Suckey, an enslaved woman owned by Mr. Key. Fr. McElroy noted that around 400 people attended her funeral.

In this letter from August, 1832, Fr. Kenney notifies Fr. McElroy of the visit of Mr. Horzey, a Louisiana planter and potential buyer of people enslaved by the Jesuits.. He also remarks that Fr. Neale, in charge of St. Thomas Manor, is "tired of…

Bill of sale for Wat 1802.pdf
Bill of sale for a man named Wat, sold by Charles Boarman to Rev. Leonard Neale, president of Georgetown College, for $400. Wat was then sold to St. Inigoes for $500. The 1838 "census" of enslaved people on the Jesuit plantations in Maryland lists a…

Runaway ad for Isaac Daily National Intelligencer 1814-02-01.pdf
A runaway slave advertisement for Isaac, who had run away from Georgetown College. The ad was published in the Daily National Intelligencer on February 1, 1814. John McElroy, who posted the ad, was a Jesuit priest and Clerk of Georgetown.
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