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In 1818, Fr. John Henry, the manager of the Jesuits' Bohemia farm sold five enslaved people to a neighbor involved in the interstate slave trade. However, a Methodist judge put the enslaved men in jail to prevent them from being illegally transported…

This receipt from November 23, 1838 records a payment by Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy of seventy five dollars to Francis Herbert for transporting thirty two enslaved persons from Newtown to Alexandria.

In this meeting from 1814, the Corporation agreed to sell Jem and his family to settle the claims of William Pasquet, a secular clergyman who had managed the Deer Creek mission.

Since 1804, the priests of the Corporation had been selling enslaved…

Maryl.-1003-IV_0343 Mulledy to Roothaan 1830-01-07.pdf
In a letter to the new Jesuit Superior General Jan Roothaan, Rev. Thomas Mulledy SJ assesses the state of Georgetown College and poses a set of challenging questions regarding the Jesuits' slaveholding in Maryland. He asks whether the Jesuits' slave…

In 1847, Fr. Nicholas Steinbacher, the Superior at Newtown Plantation hired Robert Thomas, an enslaved man property of Mary J. Neale. The yearly hire of Robert cost the Jesuit priest 20 dollars.

In 1849, Fr. Thomas Lilly, the Superior at St. Inigoes plantation, paid Enoch Neale for the hire of three enslaved men: Lewis, William, and Robert. He also hired an unspecified number of enslaved men for wood cutting.

In a meeting held at the White Marsh plantation, the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergy attempted to regulate the sale of slaves on their plantations by empowering plantation managers to exchange slaves in the case of intermarriage and to sell or…

"Meet the GU272: a digital exploration of georgetown's history of slavery" is a website designed by Sabrina Ma (GU '18) and Jonathan Gibson (GU'19). Meet the GU272 provides a set of preliminary digital visualizations of information about the enslaved…

Presents, Dick, Charly, Hilary, Archy.pdf
Entries in the college cash book for April 1827 include payments of .25 cents described as "presents" given to enslaved people working at the college, including Charly, Dick, Hilary, and Archy.

colored servants christmas.pdf
This December 29, 1846 entry in the college's cash book records payment of $2 being paid out to 4 "colored servants" as a Christmas gift. Similar payments for various holidays like Christmas and Easter are scattered throughout the financial records.…
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