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Noble Taylor baptism 11-02-1832 from White Marsh sacramental register .pdf
Baptismal record for Noble, the son of Moses Taylor and Eliza Dorsey, dated November 2, 1832. Moses Taylor was owned by Joseph Evans, and Eliza Dorsey was owned by the Jesuits at White Marsh.

Edward Taylor Lost Friends 1885-09-17.pdf
In 1885 and again in 1889, Edward Taylor placed advertisements in the Southwestern Christian Advocate seeking siblings that he had been separated from in the era of slavery. Taylor and his siblings - Reverda, Noble, and William (and possibly his…

Four years after the sale of 1838, Fr. Grivel reports to Fr. Lancaster about his recent visit to the White Marsh. During his stay at the plantation, Grivel spoke with Isaac Hawkins, an enslaved man who had been listed as part of the 1838 sale, but…

On February 15, 1804, the Jesuits purchased Peter and his wife Prisc for St. Inigoes Plantation. They paid 400 dollars for the couple.

The ledger also indicates that on the same day they paid 3.77 to apprehend a "runaway Matt."

In this meeting from 1814, the Corporation agreed to sell Jem and his family to settle the claims of William Pasquet, a secular clergyman who had managed the Deer Creek mission.

Since 1804, the priests of the Corporation had been selling enslaved…

Maryl.-1003-IV_0343 Mulledy to Roothaan 1830-01-07.pdf
In a letter to the new Jesuit Superior General Jan Roothaan, Rev. Thomas Mulledy SJ assesses the state of Georgetown College and poses a set of challenging questions regarding the Jesuits' slaveholding in Maryland. He asks whether the Jesuits' slave…

In this letter from 1816, Bishop Neale explains the rules governing Catholic marriages between enslaved persons. Priests had to get permission from the slaves' owners and the owners had to promise not to separate husbands and wives.

Fr. Lucas…

The back cover of an almanac owned by Fr. Arnold Livers lists twenty enslaved people who were probably part of the community at St. Inigoes. Three married couples are listed.

Fr. Livers was in charge of St. Inigoes from 1760 to 1767.

Fr. John Grassi, President of Georgetown College, writes to Br. Marshall to inform him of the arrival of eleven enslaved persons to St. Inigoes. This remarkable letter also mentions the case of two men, Charles and Clem, whose marriages were being…

Maryl.-1004-II_0123 reduced.pdf
Letter written by Father Grivel to the Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr. Roothaan, concerning his assessment of the Maryland Province, and of the property and management of St. Thomas Manor in particular, and the problem of slavery. Fr. Grivel…
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