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This entry in the Procurator ledgers of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus indicates that the Jesuits' general fund financed the hire of "servants" for Georgetown College in 1804. The reference to "servants" most likely refers to enslaved…

MPA Addenda b77 Letter Book 1-2_19_1843-Carbery p369.pdf
In 1843, Fr. Vespre instructed Fr. Carbury to pay Mrs. Jane Smith for the hire of an enslaved person owned by her. The person in question had been in the service of Rev. Havermans, a Dutch Jesuit from the Maryland Province who was transferred to New…

In 1836, Br. Heard, a temporal coadjutor and manager of Bohemia plantation hired Dick from his mother, Amelia Lilly. Dick's yearly wages were 25.00 for his work on the farm and the contract included his clothes for the year.

Dick was probably…

In 1849, Fr. Thomas Lilly, the Superior at St. Inigoes plantation, paid Enoch Neale for the hire of three enslaved men: Lewis, William, and Robert. He also hired an unspecified number of enslaved men for wood cutting.

In 1843, Georgetown College hired Frank Butler, an enslaved man owned by Doctor N.W. Worthington. The following letter from 1846 records the treasurer's authorization to give Frank "the highest hire we give to our hired servants, of much more…

These articles of agreement describe the terms on which James, an enslaved man at Bohemia plantation in Cecil County Maryland, was hired out by Fr. Ambrose Maréchal to Mr. John Morton for one hundred dollars a year.

Fr. Maréchal, a Sulpician…

On this account record from 1824, Mrs. Margaret Fenwick was charged for 4 pairs of shoes for her slave Harriette. She was also credited for Harriette's monthly wages at the College. Georgetown hired Harriette from Mrs. Fenwick from 1824 to 1826. Upon…

At a meeting held at Georgetown College on September 14, 1813, the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen instructed its agent to provide the Rev. Malavé with an enslaved man.

Fr. Malavé was a Belgian Jesuit who came to live at Georgetown…

These articles of agreement describe the terms on which Joseph, an enslaved man at Bohemia plantation, in Cecil County Maryland, was hired out by Fr. Ambrose Maréchal to James O'Donald for more than 6 years.

Fr. Maréchal resided at Bohemia from…

Death of Peter-Grassi Diary.pdf
On March 24, 1813 Giovanni Grassi, SJ, President of Georgetown College, noted in his diary the death of Peter, an enslaved man at the College. Peter appears in the College census of servants from 1812 to 1813.
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