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In 1745, Fr. Thomas Poulton, SJ began a preparatory school at Bohemia plantation in Cecil County, Maryland. This account entry from 1746 shows Mr. Wyatt, the schoolmaster, paying Jack and Ben, two enslaved men on the plantation.

John Carroll,…

Iberville Parish Courthouse Conveyances 28 no 257.pdf
In 1897, William Harris and Basil Butler donated land to the Catholic Church in Louisiana "for the purpose of assisting and advancing Christian education among the colored children" of Iberville Parish, Louisiana.

Basil Butler (b. 1824), the son…

McElroy Journal 1819-06-06 and 1819-06-27 School for colored persons.pdf
Rev. John McElroy comments on the instruction of black students at Trinity Church in Georgetown in 1819.
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