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On January 23, 1832, Br. Heard, the manager at Bohemia plantation, registered the sale of Jery, an enslaved child. The Jesuits sold Jery to Alfred B. Thomas for $150. At a meeting in 1833, the Jesuits approved Jery's sale, as well as the sales of…

On February 5, 1832, Br. Heard registered the sale of James, an enslaved man from Bohemia Plantation. He was sold to David Mackey for $250 with the condition that he would be free after 10 years.As a corporate body, the Jesuits approved James' sale,…

This 1832 account from the Bohemia plantation registers the sale of Jacob for $250. He was sold to Jacob Caulk for a term of 9 years and 6 months, after which he was to be free. At a meeting in 1833, the Jesuits approved Jacob's sale, as well as the…

In a letter from 1805, Leonard Neale, President of Georgetown College, writes to his brother Rev. F. Neale and shares that Spalding has run away, presumably from the College.
The letter also mentions two other people who were possibly enslaved: "In…

Archbishop Carroll writes to Francis Neale in 1815 about the administration of the missions. The letter includes the sale of a family from the Bohemia estate and unauthorised sales people from White Marsh.

In a letter from Bishop Carroll to Rev. Molyneaux dated December 29, 1805, Carroll berates the current president of the College for his claims of owning the people enslaved at Bohemia.

In 1801, the Proceedings of the Corporation resolved that…
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