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These entries from June 25, 1838 document the transportation costs of an undetermined number of enslaved persons sold from White Marsh and St. Inigoes plantations.

In sum, the Jesuits spent $21 in transporting a group from White Marsh and $123.06…

This receipt from November 10, 1838 records a payment by Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy of fifteen and a half dollars for "supper, lodging & breakfast, horses, and servants."

From the date of the transaction, it is likely that the exchange is related to…

These undated receipts record a payment of $84.67 dollars for the transportation of an unspecified number of persons from St. Thomas Manor and St. Inigoes. The itemized receipt includes charges for lodging and supper in Piscataway, a ferry boat to…

This receipt from November 12, 1838 records a payment by Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy of $57.50 to Capt. John Gibson for transporting an unspecified number of persons. It includes fees to a Dr. James Roach.

MPA Addenda Loose Letter Joshua F Clarke May 14 1839.pdf
This receipt from 1839 charges Fr. Thomas Mulledy thirty one dollars for the transportation of a number of enslaved persons from the plantations to Washington. In addition to this charge, the receipt also includes the cost for a pair of shoes for an…
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