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Batey inventory 1851-compressed.pdf
Jesse Batey's West Oak plantation was appraised in March 1851 following his death. Along with the land, livestock, and other moveable property, the appraisal listed eighty-five people owned by Batey, recording their names and in many cases indicating…

NODP 1860-12-07 Advertisement for West Oak.pdf
An advertisement for the sale of West Oak plantation, placed in the New Orleans Daily Picayune for December 7, 1860. Of note is that the property is described as including "14 new double negro cabins."

La Tourette Map of Louisiana 1848.jpg
This 1848 map of Louisiana includes the location of plantations and names of their owners. Landholdings by Gov. Henry Johnson and J. Batey making up West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish are shown on the map. (See detail below.)

Cornelius Hawkins testimony from Beatty v Hawkins.pdf
Testimony of Cornelius Hawkins in the 1893 case of Beatty et. al. v. Hawkins et. al. (45 La. Ann). Hawkins testifies that he had rented land to grow cotton at West Oak from Glenn Peake since 1871.

RFOFB-R35-F310 West Oak Pay Roll 1867-10-17.pdf
This payroll from the Freedmen's Bureau records lists laborers at West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. Many of the people listed in this document were sold to West Oak by the Maryland Jesuits in 1838 or were the children of people sold…

RFOFB-R45-F459 Agreement with Freedmen at West Oak 1865-04-03.pdf
This document is a contract between Mrs. Emily Woolfolk, the owner of West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, Louisiana, and the freed people on the plantation for wages for the ensuing year. Many of the freed people at West Oak had been sold to…

RFOFB-R45-F455 Woolfolk contract with employees at West Oak 1864-04-12.pdf
Mrs. Emily Woolfolk, the owner of West Oak plantation in Iberville Parish, Louisiana, contracts with her ex-slave "employees" for 1864. Many of the people listed in this contract had been sold to Jesse Batey (the former owner of West Oak) by the…

West Oak plantation in Champomier 1860-61.jpg
P.A. Champomier published an annual record of the sugar crop in Louisiana. This edition, for 1860-1861, lists the two plantations to which the Maryland Jesuit's enslaved community were sold in 1838, West Oak and Chatham. By 1861, Jesse Batey's West…
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