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New York TImes article by Rachel Swarns on the search for descendants of the people sold by Georgetown President Thomas Mulledy in 1838. This article highlights Maxine Crump, a great-great-grandaughter of Cornelius Hawkins.

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The Jesuit Superior General, Fr. Jan Philip Roothaan, writes to Fr. Thomas Mulledy, the Maryland Provincial, to express his satisfaction that the sale of the Maryland Jesuits' slaves had been completed, but he also expresses dissatisfaction with the…

In this letter to another Jesuit priest in June 1838, Fr. Mulledy, SJ discussed his negotiations with potential buyers over the price of the people that the Maryland Jesuits intended to sell. He reports that he had been having trouble selling them…

In a letter to the Father General, Eccleston pleads for Mulledy to remain in the Society. He argues that the shock of his dismissal would create a scandal in the US.

Rev. Thomas Mulledy expresses relief at having concluded the sale of the Jesuits' slaves. He reports that all the enslaved people had been put on board a ship except for those who were "married off" to husbands and wives who were not owned by the…

In June 1838, Fr. Thomas Mulledy agreed to sell 272 men, women, and children to Henry Johnson and Jesse Beatty of Louisiana. The articles of agreement identify the people by name and set out the terms of the sale.

Transfers 56 named persons from Thomas Mulledy to Henry Johnson for $27,057.

Bill of sale transferring 64 people, identified in the document, from Rev. Thomas Mulledy, S.J., to Jesse Batey of Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, for $27,057 on November 10, 1838.

Bill of sale transferring 84 persons, identified in the document, from Rev. Thomas Mulledy S.J. to Henry Johnson on November 29, 1838, for $29,163.

MPA Addenda b77 Letter Book 2 p20.pdf
In this letter written six years after the sale of 1838, Fr. Vespre notifies Fr. Mulledy that their agent in New Orleans, Edmund Forstall, had negotiated a new payment arrangement with Gov. Johnson for the money due to the Jesuits from the sale of…
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