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Newtown Tax Assessments 1795-1838.pdf
This item aggregates 24 years of tax assessments over a 43-year period into a single document. It shows how the slave population at Newtown evolved over time.

The transcription provided faithfully reproduces relevant entries from ledger pages and…

MSA Levy Court C1163-10 1833 Box 7 Book 2 p84.pdf
This is a list of the 67 slaves that Rev. Aloysius Mudd paid taxes on at White Marsh in 1833. The document provides names and values, but not ages. Many of the individuals identified here appear on 1838 bill of sale.

Newtown Slave Population Tax Assessments.pdf
This item includes four slave tax assessments from 1804, 1813, 1821, and 1831. They list the names, ages, and scattered physical or health descriptions of the men, women, and children at the Jesuits' Newtown plantation in the early nineteenth…

MPA Levy Court C1524-9 1839 Box 17 Folder 1 E-K.pdf
In June 1839, a little more than six months after the transport of Maryland Province slaves to Louisiana, an agent for Rev. Peter Havermans, SJ named Thomas Morgan swore in an affidavit that all the Newtown slaves had been sold out of St. Mary's…
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