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In 1795, Rev. Jean Tessier, a French Sulpician priest residing at Bohemia Plantation, in Cecil County, registered the order of winter clothes for four enslaved persons, who received pants, frock, and a jacket. The enslaved were Ralph, Barney, Davis,…

In 1795 and 1796, Rev. Jean Tessier, a French Sulpician priest residing at Bohemia Plantation, in Cecil County, registered the distribution of winter clothes for eleven enslaved persons. At Bohemia, each enslaved person had a limited clothing…

McElroy Journal 1814-01-01 Total number of persons.jpg
Rev. John McElroy takes a census of Georgetown College, including "12 Servants" out of 102 people in all.

Fr. Ambrose Maréchal, a Sulpician priest at Bohemia plantation reported on his day book that Mr. T. O'Donald, a tenant, "violently assaulted ," Old Davy, an enslaved man.

MPA Addenda b77 Letter Book 1-4_30_1840-Sanders p173.pdf
In this letter from 1840, the Procurator of the province writes to Fr. Matthew Sanders, the manager of the White Marsh plantation, requesting information on the enslaved community that remained in the plantation after the sale of 1838.

The Federal…

McElroy Journal 1813-11-30 The number of our family.jpg
Rev. McElroy's count of "the number of our family" includes "13 Colored Persons."

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MPAPCRCC1813-1814 2.pdf
In these three meetings held at Georgetown College on May and September of 1813, and June of 1814 the members of the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen discussed and resolved to "dispose for a limited time of the greatest parts of the blacks on…

The marriage of William and Sarah, took place on September 22, 1836, at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Their union took place with permission from their owner, Mary Fenwick, a resident from Georgetown who regularly hired out slaves to the…

The marriage of Ben and Nell, took place on March 13, 1803 at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Their union, officiated by Rev. Francis Neale, SJ, took place at the "request" of their owners, a Mr. Key & Thomas Sim Lee. The witnesses for this…

In this account record from 1790, Fr. Francis Beeston registered the hire of five men for the harvest: two free men of color, an enslaved man and two white men. The diversity of these hires reflects Maryland's mixed labor practices.
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