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GSA406 Marshall letter.pdf
Fr. Adam Marshall reports to the Father General in Rome the sad state of the Mission's lands and finances. He describes the slave quarters as "almost universally unfit for human beings to live in." He suggests selling property in order to ease the…

A map from St. Inigos plantation ca. 1820. This map indicates buildings such as a dwelling house, the place of the overseer, and the church.

Br. Joseph Mobberly offers a detailed account of the amount of food allowed to each slave at St. Inigoes as well as their types of clothes and medical attention.

Father Francis Neale reports on the condition of Thomas Manor, where three slaves had died. Neale hired three more slaves to supply the plantation and build slave quarters.

Archaeological Investigations at Newtowne Neck SP.pdf
Report of an archaeological study of Newtowne Neck State Park, the site of Newtown Manor, which was one of the Jesuit plantations in St. Mary's County, Maryland. The archaeological investigation identified locations and artifacts associated with the…
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