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In a letter from 1848, Fr. Steinbacher complains about the state of the Newtown mission and the behavior of its inhabitants, including the slaves and hired laborers of the mission.

In a diary entry from 1820, Br. Joseph Mobberly offers an account of the whipping of Sucky, an enslaved woman who was punished as a child because she witnessed the self-flagellation of an unnamed priest from St. Inigo's Mission. For another…

The following entries from the ledger of Bohemia plantation in Cecil County, Maryland registered the births and baptisms of enslaved persons along with transactions for corn, wheat, and wine. These entries provide names for godparents, payments for…

This remarkable letter from 1820 narrates the case of Becca, an enslaved woman who approached Fr. John Baptist Cary at Georgetown College after fleeing from her owner, a man who is described in the letter as "very hard & has no religion at all."…

In 1796, the priests at Bohemia plantation sold Henny, an enslaved woman who was sick and had run away. They noted that her price was 15£.

In 1810, the courts at Baltimore County certified the freedom of a woman named Sarah, who had previously been enslaved by the Rev. William Pasquet. Her certificate of freedom describes her as 37 years old, with a yellow complexion, and five feet 3/4…

On this account record from 1824, Mrs. Margaret Fenwick was charged for 4 pairs of shoes for her slave Harriette. She was also credited for Harriette's monthly wages at the College. Georgetown hired Harriette from Mrs. Fenwick from 1824 to 1826. Upon…

Fr. McElroy, the parish priest of Holy Trinity Church at Georgetown, recorded the death and burial of Suckey, an enslaved woman owned by Mr. Key. Fr. McElroy noted that around 400 people attended her funeral.

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This 1835 entry from the Maryland Province Cashbook documents the sale of four enslaved women at St. Thomas Manor. This group of women were sold by the Jesuits for $1300.00.

On February 2, 1832, the Jesuits at Bohemia plantation sold Phillis, a 54-year old woman and Mary, a 9 year-old child for $80.50. They were sold to William and Joseph Cradock, a pair of tenants from the plantation.At a meeting in 1833, the Jesuits…
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