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In 1847, Fr. Nicholas Steinbacher, the Superior at Newtown Plantation hired Robert Thomas, an enslaved man property of Mary J. Neale. The yearly hire of Robert cost the Jesuit priest 20 dollars.

Archaeological Investigations at Newtowne Neck SP.pdf
Report of an archaeological study of Newtowne Neck State Park, the site of Newtown Manor, which was one of the Jesuit plantations in St. Mary's County, Maryland. The archaeological investigation identified locations and artifacts associated with the…

Newtown Tax Assessments 1795-1838.pdf
This item aggregates 24 years of tax assessments over a 43-year period into a single document. It shows how the slave population at Newtown evolved over time.

The transcription provided faithfully reproduces relevant entries from ledger pages and…

MPA Addenda b77 Letter Book 2 p23.pdf
The Procurator of the Province, Fr. Vespre, writes to Fr. Woodley, manager of Newtown, to express his dissatisfaction with the management of that plantation. In particular, he inquires about the enslaved person bought by Woodley from Mrs. Smith and…

This receipt from November 23, 1838 records a payment by Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy of seventy five dollars to Francis Herbert for transporting thirty two enslaved persons from Newtown to Alexandria.

Report on the operations and income generated by the Jesuit plantation Newtown in 1833

MSA Levy Court C1511-2 1839 p72.pdf
In June 1839, a little more than six months after the transport of Maryland Province slaves to Louisiana, the clerk of the levy court of St. Mary's County deducted the Newtown slave community from James A. Neill's tax burden. According to the 1840…
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