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In this meeting from 1795, the Corporation found it necessary to inform to the President of Baltimore Seminary that the profits they would receive from the Bohemia Plantation did not include "money arriving from the sale of negroes."

New York Times reporters Rachel Swarns and Sona Patel profile several descendants of people sold by Georgetown President Thomas Mulledy SJ in 1838. Those featured in the article are Charles Hill, Sandra Green Thomas, Orlando Ward, and Rochell Sanders…

New York TImes article by Rachel Swarns on the search for descendants of the people sold by Georgetown President Thomas Mulledy in 1838. This article highlights Maxine Crump, a great-great-grandaughter of Cornelius Hawkins.

In this letter to Fr. Francis Neale, Fr. Brooke describes how a disease outbreak among the slaves left his plans for the Newtown mission in disarray.

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In this letter from Fr. Fidel Grivel to Fr. Charles Lancaster dated May 30, 1840, Grivel includes a brief report on the condition of the Jesuit slaves who were sold to Louisiana. He noted that Henry Johnson said he would build a chapel for "our…

In this letter to another Jesuit priest in January 1836, Fr. Beschter describes the whipping of a cook at St. Inigoes because she witnessed the self-flagellation of Fr. Bolton, an older Jesuit at the Mission.


In a letter from Bishop Carroll to Rev. Molyneaux dated December 29, 1805, Carroll berates the current president of the College for his claims of owning the slaves of Bohemia.

In 1801, the Proceedings of the Corporation resolved that "The…

Hoya reporter Kshithij Shrinath interviews Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, a descendant of Nace and Biby Butler a husband and wife who were sold by Georgetown President Thomas Mulledy SJ in 1838. Ms. Bayonne-Johnson was the first person to discover her…

In a letter from 1843, Fr. Dzierozynski recommends a woman named Nelly as a suitable servant for Fr. Lancaster's new post.

In this meeting from 1799, the Corporation approved two measures concerning their slaves in the Bohemia plantation: the loan of Jack and Peg to the Seminary at Baltimore and the sale of Kate and her two children.
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