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Southern Sentinel 1856-02-23 Barrow and Armstrong Succession Sale.pdf
A newspaper advertisement in the Southern Sentinel, February 23, 1856, publishing the terms of the sale of the estate of John S. Barrow and his wife, Margaret Amstrong. Barrow had purchased the plantation and slaves from the heirs of Jesse Batey, and…

Priscilla Queen petition.jpg
Priscilla Queen sues Rev. Francis Neale, S.J., for her freedom in the D.C. Circuit Court 1810. This case is detailed by the O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law and Family project.

Edward Queen's petition.jpg
Edward Queen sues Rev. John Ashton for his freedom in the Maryland General Court in 1791. Additional documents in the case of Edward Queen v. John Ashton may be found at the O Say Can You See: Early Washington, D.C., Law & Family website.Click…

Frank Campbell 1.jpg
Three photographs of Frank Campbell, one of the enslaved people sold by the Maryland Jesuits in 1838. These photographs are included in a scrapbook from the early 1900s that belonged to Robert Ruffin Barrow, Jr., which is held at Ellender Memorial…

How do I know if I'm related to the GU272.pdf
A brief guide to determining your genealogical connections to the GU272, composed by the Georgetown Memory Project.

Philodemic Debates 1830 p10.pdf
The minute book for Georgetown's Philodemic Society records that members debated the issue of slavery in its first year. The date of the debate is not given, but it was probably late in 1830 or early 1831.

Fr. Stephen Dubuisson S.J. records the arguments for and against the sale of the Maryland Province slaves.

Simple versions of the transcription and translation are included below. Annotated versions may be downloaded in PDF format.

West Oak plantation in Champomier 1860-61.jpg
P.A. Champomier published an annual record of the sugar crop in Louisiana. This edition, for 1860-1861, lists the two plantations to which the Maryland Jesuit slaves were sold in 1838, West Oak and Chatham. By 1861, Jesse Batey's West Oak Plantation…

Slave marriage 1795.jpg
Record of the marriage of a slave woman named Phillis in the Georgetown College chapel.

NODP 1852-02-18 Ad for Batey plantation and negroes.jpg
After the death of Jesse Batey, Robert MacBeth, attorney for the estate, ran an advertisement for six weeks in the Daily Picayune. Batey's heirs hoped to sell several tracts of land, sundry plantation items, and 119 slaves. The estate is described…
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