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GAMMS53b03f04 White Marsh baptisms 1818-1822 part 1.pdf
A transcription of a register of baptisms at the Jesuit plantation White Marsh from 1818 to 1822. This register includes many names of children born into slavery and free people of color.

Names of slaves to be sold in 1838-39 GTM119b04of112wo.i01.pdf
This is the original list of people from the Jesuit plantations compiled in preparation for the sale in 1838. It lists the slaves by name according to plantation where they lived, identifies family groups, and records which ship (1, 2, or 3) they…

Archbishop Carroll writes to Francis Neale in 1815 about the administration of the missions. The letter includes a reference to the sale of "Jem's family" from the Bohemia estate and unauthorized sales of people from White Marsh. Carroll expresses…

GTM119b41f01 Carroll day book 12.pdf
James Carroll records the names of his slaves in his daybook in 1715. Carroll would bequeath his land and slaves to George Thorold, a Jesuit, in 1729. Carroll's slaves became the nucleus of the Maryland Jesuit slave community at White Marsh.

GTM119b66f01 Grivel to Lancaster 1839-05-04.pdf
Fr. Grivel reports from Georgetown on the aftermath of the sale of the Maryland Jesuits' human property. He notes that the Jesuits tried to keep husbands and wives together, but that some children were sent to Louisiana without their mothers. Some…

1820 Present State of the College.pdf
This statement from January 1820 describes monies received from students and other costs and debts of the college. To meet expenses $1233.00 was received from St. Inigoes. A debt of $1,100 is also recorded as being owed from White Marsh to the…

GTM119b66f03i06 Grivel to Lancaster 1838-11-06.pdf
In November 1838, as the remaining members of the Maryland Jesuit slave community were being shipped to Louisiana, Fr. Grivel wrote a letter to Fr. Lancaster with a glimpse of the proceedings at White Marsh.

Among other things, Fr. Grivel…

This undated census from the late eighteenth century records the names of enslaved children "unable to work," as well as the names of superannuated slaves. The document divides the names by family groups. These are recorded along with an inventory…

MSA Levy Court C1163-10 1833 Box 7 Book 2 p84.pdf
This is a list of the 67 slaves that Rev. Aloysius Mudd paid taxes on at White Marsh in 1833. The document provides names and values, but not ages. Many of the individuals identified here appear on 1838 bill of sale.

At a meeting held at Georgetown College in 1813, the members of the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergy decided to sell two "black servants" to the Rev. Bitouzey, a member of the secular clergy, who was in charge of White Marsh until his resignation…
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