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GTM50b1f5 Feiner Letter Book 1827-07-05 Pass for Stephen.pdf
On July 5, 1827, William Feiner, SJ, acting as President of Georgetown College, wrote a pass for Stephen, an enslaved man, allowing him to go to St. Thomas' Manor.

After providing for his safe passage, Rev, Feiner, SJ, gave Stephen a letter for…

On January 12 1829 James Reilly agreed to hire an enslaved man Stephen from the college for $75 per year and provide him with "clothes + vitals." He was charged $75 on January 12, 1830.

Francis Neale.pdf
A boarder named Francis Neale entered the College in March 1800. Several months later, the Neale family rented out two slaves to Georgetown, Stephen and Tempey (this is a best guess on her name). Both appear to have run away shortly thereafter, as…
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