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In this letter from 1814, Fr. Francis Neale, describes his difficulties arranging marriages for Enoch, Charles, and Nelly, three enslaved persons owned by the Jesuits in St. Inigoes, their farm in St. Marys County, MD.

This remarkable letter also…

The back cover of an almanac owned by Fr. Arnold Livers lists twenty enslaved people who were probably part of the community at St. Inigoes. Three married couples are listed.

Fr. Livers was in charge of St. Inigoes from 1760 to 1767.

A contract with the overseer at St. Inigoes plantation for 1743 and 1744. In addition to spelling out the terms of John Pavat's service, the contract makes allowances for two enslaved people by name, "old Jenny" and Matthew.
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