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Slaves at St Joseph 1765 from GTM119b49f02i01.pdf
Fr. Joseph Mosely's accounts of St. Joseph in Maryland from 1765 to 1767 includes a list of enslaved persons that notes where they came from, when they were born, and other biographical notes. Of particular interest in the mention of Nanny, a "Guinea…

Fr. John Grassi, President of Georgetown College, writes to Br. Marshall to inform him of the arrival of eleven enslaved persons to St. Inigoes. This remarkable letter also mentions the case of two men, Charles and Clem, whose marriages were being…

In 1843, Georgetown College hired Frank Butler, an enslaved man owned by Doctor N.W. Worthington. The following letter from 1846 records the treasurer's authorization to give Frank "the highest hire we give to our hired servants, of much more…

McElroy Journal 1813-07-18 Casimir.jpg
Rev. Fenwick leaves an enslaved man named Cassimir at Georgetown

McElroy Journal 1813-11-30 The number of our family.jpg
Rev. McElroy's count of "the number of our family" includes "13 Colored Persons."

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McElroy Journal 1813-12-03 Feast.jpg
Rev. John McElroy notes in his journal that everyone in the College is celebrating the Feast of St. Xavier "except the Servants."

McElroy Journal 1814-01-01 Total number of persons.jpg
Rev. John McElroy takes a census of Georgetown College, including "12 Servants" out of 102 people in all.

McElroy Journal 1814-07-05 A negro woman.jpg
Fr. Miguel leaves an unnamed "Negro Woman" at the College in July 1814.

The marriage of William and Sarah, took place on September 22, 1836, at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Their union took place with permission from their owner, Mary Fenwick, a resident from Georgetown who regularly hired out slaves to the…

The marriage of Ben and Nell, took place on March 13, 1803 at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown. Their union, officiated by Rev. Francis Neale, SJ, took place at the "request" of their owners, a Mr. Key & Thomas Sim Lee. The witnesses for this…
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