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Georgetown's accounts from 1807 register a payment of $26.00 to Charles Boarman for the hire of an enslaved woman. Boarman was a former Jesuit and a lay professor at the College.

Several entries in college ledgers describe Clem receiving permission to hire himself out for $40 per year in 1825 and being hired out in 1826 and 1827. Clem's account also records payments and deductions for sickness. There are also two records of…

On January 12 1829 James Reilly agreed to hire an enslaved man Stephen from the college for $75 per year and provide him with "clothes + vitals." He was charged $75 on January 12, 1830.

This note in Gabe's account records that in March 1828 he received permission to purchase his freedom. Gabe was required to pay $8 per month for his hire, as well as lay aside an undefined sum above that, until he had paid the required $400 for his…

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In November 1859, Georgetown College hired an enslaved man named Aaron Edmonson to work in the dormitories as a domestic servant. Edmonson belonged to a local Catholic woman named Ann Forrest Green, who had inherited him from her mother, Rebecca…

At various points between January 1804 and January 1806, Georgetown College hired the time of six slaves from Ann Fenwick. Their names were Phill, Steven, Lewis, Charles, Stashay, and George.

According to the ledger, Lewis spent some time in jail…

Between 1792 and 1795, Ignatius Smith hired out "his man Nat" to Georgetown College to offset the costs of educating his two sons. Nat earned fifteen pounds a year for the Smith family.

"Nat Negro" appears in the index of this ledger. His name is…

This record from the Georgetown College accounts ledger indicates that the College hired two enslaved woman, Sukey and Becky, from their owner, William Diggs, for various lengths of time between March 1800 and November 1803 at £10 per year.

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This record from the Georgetown College accounts ledger indicates that the College hired an enslaved woman named Sukey from her owner, William Diggs, from 1792-1797 at £10 per year.
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