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Report on the operations and income generated by the Jesuit plantation Newtown in 1833

Negro children baptized at Newtown MPA Box 26-1 Folder 2.pdf
A list of children born into slavery and baptized at Newtown from 1806 to 1835. Many of these children were sold in 1838 and appear in various sale documents. This baptismal record indicates their parents.For example, the record lists several…

Names of slaves to be sold in 1838-39 GTM119b04of112wo.i01.pdf
This is the original list of people from the Jesuit plantations compiled in preparation for the sale in 1838. It lists the slaves by name according to plantation where they lived, identifies family groups, and records which ship (1, 2, or 3) they…

GTM119b101f09i01p38 Baptism of Sylvester at Newtown 1819.pdf
Baptismal record for Sylvester, the son of Joe and Easter, slaves of Newtown, dated June 4, 1819. Joe and Easter (or Esther) Greenleaf and their children, including Sylvester, were sold to Henry Johnson in 1838. Their names appear on the list of…

In this letter to Fr. Francis Neale, Fr. Brooke describes how a disease outbreak among the enslaved population left his plans for the Newtown mission in disarray.

In a letter from 1848, Fr. Steinbacher complains about the state of the Newtown mission and the behavior of its inhabitants, including the slaves and hired laborers of the mission.

Archaeological Investigations at Newtowne Neck SP.pdf
Report of an archaeological study of Newtowne Neck State Park, the site of Newtown Manor, which was one of the Jesuit plantations in St. Mary's County, Maryland. The archaeological investigation identified locations and artifacts associated with the…

ARSI Maryl-1007-I-9 Havermans letter first page.pdf
In this letter to the Superior General, Fr. Havermans laments the "grim and displeasing" sale of the Jesuits' slaves. In a postscript dated November 12, he reports the anguish expressed by enslaved people at Newtown as they were being gathered for…

In this bill of sale, dated September 4, 1843, Jane E. Smith sells an enslaved man named Len to Rev. Woodley for 400 dollars. Rev. Woodley was the agent for Newtown.

MPA Levy Court C1524-9 1839 Box 17 Folder 1 E-K.pdf
In June 1839, a little more than six months after the transport of Maryland Province slaves to Louisiana, an agent for Rev. Peter Havermans, SJ named Thomas Morgan swore in an affidavit that all the Newtown slaves had been sold out of St. Mary's…
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