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GTM119b67f10i05ab Grivel to Lancaster 1840-05-30.pdf
In this letter from Fr. Fidel Grivel to Fr. Charles Lancaster dated May 30, 1840, Grivel includes a brief report on the condition of the people who were sold to Louisiana. He noted that Henry Johnson said he would build a chapel for "our people" and…

Francis Neale Baptismal Register.pdf
A register of baptisms, marriages, and burials at St. Thomas for 1827-1832, mostly involving enslaved people. Along with a digitized edition of the register, we have compiled spreadsheets with the data contained in the register.

GTM119b31f04i02 Mosley Bolton Marriage registers 1763-1802.pdf
A transcription of a marriage register for Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Delaware from 1760-1802 kept by Rev. Joseph Mosley SJ and Rev. John Bolton, SJ, transcribed in the mid-20th century by Rev. Robert Parsons SJ. The records include…
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