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AMST 272 Howell Kelly Humanizing the Narrative - Georgetown_s History With Slavery Through the Eyes of the Queen Family.mp3
In this podcast, Georgetown University American Studies students Megan Howell (GU '18) and Catherine Kelly (GU '18) explore Georgetown's history with the institution of slavery. To humanize this narrative, they have chosen to focus on this history…

In a letter from May, 1832, Henry Elder, the future Archbishop of Cincinnati, writes to Rev. George Fenwick, to recount the story of Sarah Brook, a former slave of the Fenwick's who is requesting her freedom papers.

On January 9, 1848, an enslaved man named James Henry Young began working at Georgetown College as a domestic servant in the dormitories. Young belonged to a local woman named Mary B. Hook, but first appears in the financial account of Hook's…

GTM119b23f13i01 Term sale of Fanny et al.pdf
Discusses sale and manumission of slaves at Bohemia.

Gaston letter 1824.jpg
Letter from William Gaston to Joseph Carberry, S.J., giving him a slave named Augustus to be educated and then freed, September 1, 1824.

Fr. Carberry was stationed at St. Inigoes at this time.

(Thanks to Georgetown University Archivist Lynn…
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