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Henrietta Pike Interview 2023-05-04 compressed.mp4
Interview with Henrietta Pike, a descendant of Louisa Mahoney Mason, conducted on May 4, 2023 by Georgetown student Andrew Bordea (GU'26). A transcription of the interview is below.\Henrietta Pike Interview 2023-05-04 compressed.mp4

Rochford 2019 Louisa Mahoney Mason.pdf
This essay traces the life of Louisa Mahoney Mason and her family. Louisa Mahoney Mason was a member of the Maryland Jesuit enslaved community; she remained in Maryland after the 1838 sale. She and her children were the last people currently known to…

Louisa Mason obituary from St Mary's Beacon 1909-07-22.pdf
An obituary published in the St. Mary's Beacon, July 22, 1909, honoring the life of Louisa Mason (b. 1812), an enslaved woman owned by the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus.
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