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MPAAddenda, letterbook 1 410.pdf
This series of letters from 1843 illustrates the Maryland Jesuits' attempts to sell Isaac, an enslaved man who appeared to be "fugitive since the fall of 1838." The Jesuits received news of Isaac's whereabouts after he was arrested in Baltimore. The…

GTM119b66f03i06 Grivel to Lancaster 1838-11-06.pdf
In November 1838, as the remaining members of the Maryland Jesuit slave community were being shipped to Louisiana, Fr. Grivel wrote a letter to Fr. Lancaster with a glimpse of the proceedings at White Marsh.

Among other things, Fr. Grivel…

GTM119b66f01 Grivel to Lancaster 1839-05-04.pdf
Fr. Grivel reports from Georgetown on the aftermath of the sale of the Maryland Jesuits' human property. He notes that the Jesuits tried to keep husbands and wives together, but that some children were sent to Louisiana without their mothers. Some…
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