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Whiskey for Servants.pdf
The following entry in the Day Book of Georgetown College records a payment of $10.85 for "whiskey for servants" made in June 1846. Another similar payment was made in this book in August of the same year.

In a letter from Oct. 1830, Mrs. Johnston requests Rev. Fenwick's "generosity and philantropy" to outfit Harriet, a woman he sold to her family.

On October 18, 1808, Rev. Francis Neale repaid a $50 loan to the College used to purchase an enslaved person named Len.

father neale servant.pdf
This cash book entry from Georgetown College records a payment of $5 for "Fr Neales servants." Fr. Francis Neale was the manager of St. Thomas' Manor, one of the Jesuit missions.

This college cash book records a payment of $5.00 given to Mat, an enslaved person, for his wedding on August 8, 1834.

To Alms 2.pdf
This day book entry records a payment, described as "alms," of $1.50 being paid to an African American woman to buy her freedom.

In 1798, a woman from Saint-Domingue named Justane Douat maintained an account with Georgetown College. She worked for the College as a nurse while simultaneously hiring out at least two unnamed slaves. Douat's unnamed slave woman took ill and passed…

Ben and James extra work.pdf
This cash book entry from September 20, 1847 shows a payment of $6 being made to Ben and James, described as "hired col[or]d serv[an]ts," for "extra work in vacations."  Ben and James likely refer to Benedict Johnson and James Young who appear to…

Ben Branson Horatio Reid 1841.pdf
This 1841 ledger entry shows the hire of Ben Branson who is described as a "servant of Horatio Reid." Horatio Reid was paid $10 a month for the hire of Branson.

Bishop Leonard Neale -the future Archbishop of Baltimore- hired out for one year two slaves, Stashy and Jenny. On March 2, 1812, Georgetown College credited the Bishop for their labor in its account books.
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