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Article in the Baton Rouge Advocate on descendants' research into their family histories. The article focuses on Jessica Tilson.

GAMMS53b03f04 White Marsh baptisms 1818-1822 part 1.pdf
A transcription of a register of baptisms at the Jesuit plantation White Marsh from 1818 to 1822. This register includes many names of slaves and free people of color.

GTM119b04f06 Mosley Christenings 1760-1799.pdf
Transcription of record of baptisms from 1760-1799 performed by Rev. Joseph Mosley SJ in St. Joseph's and St, Mary's County, Maryland. This record includes numerous baptisms of slaves and free people of color.

Patricia Bayonne-Johnson's account of her discovery that the Jesuits of the Maryland Province owned her great-great grandparents Nace and Biby Butler and sold them to Louisiana. You can learn more about Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, her work as a…
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