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The following entries from the ledger of Bohemia plantation in Cecil County, Maryland registered the births and baptisms of enslaved persons along with transactions for corn, wheat, and wine. These entries provide names for godparents, payments for…

GTM119b101f09i01p38 Baptism of Sylvester at Newtown 1819.pdf
Baptismal record for Sylvester, the son of Joe and Easter, slaves of Newtown, dated June 4, 1819. Joe and Easter (or Esther) Greenleaf and their children, including Sylvester, were sold to Henry Johnson in 1838. Their names appear on the list of…

Francis Neale Baptismal Register.pdf
A register of baptisms, marriages, and burials at St. Thomas for 1827-1832, mostly involving enslaved people. Along with a digitized edition of the register, we have compiled spreadsheets with the data contained in the register.

GAMMS53b03f04 White Marsh baptisms 1818-1822 part 1.pdf
A transcription of a register of baptisms at the Jesuit plantation White Marsh from 1818 to 1822. This register includes many names of children born into slavery and free people of color.

GTM119b04f06 Mosley Christenings 1760-1799.pdf
Transcription of record of baptisms from 1760-1799 performed by Rev. Joseph Mosley SJ in St. Joseph's and St, Mary's County, Maryland. This record includes numerous baptisms of children born into slavery and free people of color.
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