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wash house complaints 2.pdf
This account of the wash house is part of a financial report made by the Procurator of Georgetown College in December 1821. He describes the "table at which the colored people breakfast" as "well supplied with butter." His review considers these…

GTM119b44f02i01 cash for 11 servants.pdf
Entry from a St. Inigoes accounts ledger for September 19, 1835 recording the sale of 11 "servants" by the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen for $4000. The next entry in the ledger is for the sale of two barrels of corn.

In this section from Br. Joseph Mobberly's Treatise on Slavery he identifies slaves in Maryland as Cham's descendants and cannibals who feast on infants.

GTM119b57f01 Charity to negroes.pdf
In this reflection from 1749, Rev. George Hunter, the resident Superior of the Maryland Mission, contemplates the Jesuits' catechizing mission toward their slaves.

Hoya reporter Kshithij Shrinath interviews Maxine Crump, a descendant of Cornelius Hawkins, who was sold by Georgetown President Thomas Mulledy SJ in 1838.

Father Francis Neale reports on the condition of Thomas Manor, where three slaves had died. Neale hired three more slaves to supply the plantation and build slave quarters.

In this meeting held at Georgetown College in 1808, the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen, with Bishop John Carroll in attendance, instructed plantation managers to identify "supernumerary" slaves "they may have and dispose of them to good and…

This letter from 1838 illustrates the aftermath of the Jesuit's sale of 272 enslaved men, women and children to Louisiana. Just eight days after the terms of agreement, Jesse Batey wrote to Fr. McSherry to inquire about the whereabouts of Eliza, a…

This promotional material from 1828 explains terms and regulations for students at the college. The 10th regulation on the second page declares that the yearly fee of $5 for "fuel, servants, &c. must be paid before the Student enters."

In February 1838, Fr. Grivel wrote a letter to Fr. Lancaster to update him of Province matters, including the aftermath of the 1838 sale and the purchase of Peter by Gov. Johnson. In a previous letter, Grivel informed Lancaster of their intentions to…
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