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In 1790, the Jesuits sold Nell and her son Perry from the Bohemia plantation, They were purchased by Perry Greenwood for 4 dollars.

AMST 272 Brown Ndiaye podcast black students at GU.mp3
In this podcast conducted in the format of a Radio Show, Georgetown students Juliette Browne (GU '18) and Ndeye Ndiaye (GU '18), address the impact of slavery on the legacy of education inequality and college preparedness in black communities. The…

AMST 272 Clifford Maringouin.mp3
Maringouin, Louisiana is a small town of just 1,100 people, 900 of whom can trace their ancestry back to the Maryland Jesuits' 1838 sale of 272 people. Many of those who were sold to Jesse Batey at the West Oak plantation have descendants who remain…

AMST 272 Howell Kelly Humanizing the Narrative - Georgetown_s History With Slavery Through the Eyes of the Queen Family.mp3
In this podcast, Georgetown University American Studies students Megan Howell (GU '18) and Catherine Kelly (GU '18) explore Georgetown's history with the institution of slavery. To humanize this narrative, they have chosen to focus on this history…

AMST 272 Kenney Since Last We Met.mp3
Georgetown is buzzing with the excitement of reunion and reconciliation. The successors of slave-owning Jesuits and the ancestors of those they owned are coming back together in 2017 in the spirit of penance and forgiveness. In this podcast,…

AMST 272 Skeen Memorials.mp3
The unifying themes of this podcast are memorialization and reconciliation. In this podcast, Georgetown University and American Studies 272 student Kelly Skeen (GU '18) discusses how Georgetown University has memorialized its historic ties to the…


AMST 272 Mitchell Frank Campbell.mp3
On March 12, 2017, the New York Times published the only known photograph of a Georgetown University slave sold to Louisiana in the infamous 1838 sale. The man in the photograph, Frank Campbell, lived a long and fascinating life. In this podcast,…


In 1791, Kate, Jonathan, and Bob were sold from the Bohemia plantation to John Carty for 40£. The Jesuits received in payment a horse and money for the estate.

In 1816 the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen sold Regis for 323 dollars. After 12 years of service Regis would be "free, manumitted and discharged." Sales for a term of years were an early nineteenth-century practice of the Jesuits.

In 1818 the Corporation of Roman Catholic Clergymen declared null and void the sale of Catherine Venus. She had been previously sold by Fr. John McElroy
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