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Southern Sentinel 1856-02-23 Barrow and Armstrong Succession Sale.pdf
A newspaper advertisement in the Southern Sentinel, February 23, 1856, publishing the terms of the sale of the estate of John S. Barrow and his wife, Margaret Amstrong. Barrow had purchased the plantation and slaves from the heirs of Jesse Batey, and…

Frank Campbell 1.jpg
Three photographs of Frank Campbell, one of the enslaved people sold by the Maryland Jesuits in 1838. These photographs are included in a scrapbook from the early 1900s that belonged to Robert Ruffin Barrow, Jr., which is held at Ellender Memorial…

West Oak plantation in Champomier 1860-61.jpg
P.A. Champomier published an annual record of the sugar crop in Louisiana. This edition, for 1860-1861, lists the two plantations to which the Maryland Jesuit slaves were sold in 1838, West Oak and Chatham. By 1861, Jesse Batey's West Oak Plantation…

NODP 1852-02-18 Ad for Batey plantation and negroes.jpg
After the death of Jesse Batey, Robert MacBeth, attorney for the estate, ran an advertisement for six weeks in the Daily Picayune. Batey's heirs hoped to sell several tracts of land, sundry plantation items, and 119 slaves. The estate is described as…

Iberville Parish Courthouse Conveyances 28 no 257.pdf
In 1897, William Harris and Basil Butler donated land to the Catholic Church in Louisiana "for the purpose of assisting and advancing Christian education among the colored children" of Iberville Parish, Louisiana.

Basil Butler (b. 1824), the son…

Bill of sale from the heirs of Jesse Batey to Washington Barrow.pdf
The heirs of Jesse Batey sold a plantation and slaves, including many of the Maryland Jesuit slaves, in January 1853. This is a copy of the bill of sale, which was included as evidence in an 1866 court case in Louisiana, Samuel Batey et al. v. Widow…

Bill of sale from Washington Barrow to William Patrick and Joseph Woolfolk 1856-02-04.tif
Washington Barrow sells the slaves he had purchased from Jesse Batey to William Patrick and Joseph Woolfolk in 1856. Those sold included people whom Batey had purchased from Rev. Thomas Mulledy in 1838.

Bill of sale from William Patrick and Joseph Woolfolk to Emily Sparks widow of Austin Woolfolk 1859-07-16.tif
William Patrick and Joseph Woolfolk sell land and slaves purchased from Washington Barrow to Emily Sparks, widow of Austin Woolfolk, July 16, 1859. Many of these slaves had been sold from Rev. Thomas Mulledy, S.J., to Jesse Batey, and then from Batey…

Cornelius Hawkins testimony from Beatty v Hawkins.pdf
Testimony of Cornelius Hawkins in the 1893 case of Beatty et. al. v. Hawkins et. al. (45 La. Ann). Hawkins testifies that he had rented land to grow cotton at West Oak from Glenn Peake since 1871.

Van de Velde laments that the religious instruction of the slaves sold to Henry Johnson has been neglected and urges Rev. Mulledy to provide funds to build a chapel for them.  
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