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Slave marriage 1795.jpg
Record of the marriage of a slave woman named Phillis in the Georgetown College chapel.

McElroy Journal 1813-07-18 Casimir.jpg
Rev. Fenwick leaves a slave named Cassimir at Georgetown

McElroy Journal 1813-11-30 The number of our family.jpg
Rev. McElroy's count of "the number of our family" includes "13 Colored Persons."

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McElroy Journal 1813-12-03 Feast.jpg
Rev. John McElroy notes in his journal that everyone in the College is celebrating the Feast of St. Xavier "except the Servants."

McElroy Journal 1814-01-01 Total number of persons.jpg
Rev. John McElroy takes a census of Georgetown College, including "12 Servants" out of 102 people in all.

McElroy Journal 1814-01-30 Sale of Isaac a runaway.jpg
Rev. John McElroy records in his journal on Jan. 29, 1814, that Isaac ran away from the College. The entry for the following day, Jan. 30, notes that Isaac was captured and put in jail in Baltimore. Rev. Neale, who was in Baltimore, then sold Isaac…

McElroy Journal 1814-07-05 A negro woman.jpg
Fr. Miguel leaves an unnamed "Negro Woman" at the College in July 1814.

McElroy Journal 1814-12-31 Number of persons.jpg
Rev. John McElroy, S.J. records the total number of people at Georgetown at the end of 1814, including "servants."

McElroy Journal 1817-08-16 Death of Billy the Blacksmith.jpg
Rev. John McElroy records the death of "Billy the Blacksmith" and his interment in the graveyard at Georgetown.

McElroy Journal 1818-03-29 Mass.jpg
Rev. John McElroy, S.J. observes mass at Trinity Church with an interracial congregation
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